I am the Director of Algorithmic AI at SparkBeyond, where we are revolutionizing data science by building an automated research engine to solve the world's most impactful problems. The work we do here is engaging, exciting and tough, and I am especially grateful for the people I get to do it with.

Prior to SparkBeyond, I was a data scientist at Winton Capital, where I discovered signals in nontraditional datasets. I was also a fellow at Insight Data Science where I engineered an algorithm for automatic speech segmentation from audio streams.

I completed my PhD in Dr. Robert Knight's laboratory at the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute at the University of California at Berkeley, where I studied the link between perception and action by recording activity from electrodes surgically placed on the surface of human brains. I also developed an algorithm for decomposing power spectra.

Before my PhD, I was a preschool teacher and a tank instructor (not at the same time!). I am passionate about expanding leadership opportunities for women in STEM fields and together with my husband am raising three wonderful children who surprise and inspire us every day.